Name of Program: Magnum 45: Reklamo mo Imagnum

Station: Magnum radyo, 99.9

Timeslot: 7:45 – 8:00am

Host: Magnum Joel, Magnum Irene

 The host

–       The anchors still reported the news clean with their expertise in broadcasting, they really followed the standards of the KBP article 1 to inform the public of the current events and while interviewing the Barangay Captain they acted fair and never showed of being biased about the situation. They also followed article 2 about commentaries, they commented about the situation with their certain knowledge about it.

  The topic

–       The topic was centered in Emily homes of Barangay Balulang because of the lack of maintenance in the streetlights that makes the road very dark at night. This news was confirmed by the Barangay Captain, but also the captain said that they are already working on it.

The guest (if applicable)

–       The guest, which is the Barangay Captain was interviewed and confirmed the report. The news was about the streetlights but they are already working on it, he confirmed.  Also the Captain commented about the situation properly and expressed his thoughts politely about it and with proper manner.



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